2kw Britelight Nexus II

A sleek and refined version of the standard 2k xenon, this instrument combines the convenience of user-friendly digital controls with a specially designed high output optics system.

The ballast is built in to the head, thus eliminating the need for any external head cables. The unit operates using single phase 208 VAC. Comes with your choice of Pin, Camloc, or Bates adapters and (2) 50' feeder cables 10/5.


Mirrors:Thinking of pointing down? Rather than growing frustrated watching the flicker due to improper arc axis orientation, grab a mirror!. Our angle mirrors allow you to be able to leave the unit in its comfortable above-horizon position yet point the beam in a direction of your choice.

Gels: We also stock a complete inventory of Lee and Rosco gel for all your color correction needs. Our Pacific Gel custom gel scroll division can manufacture gel scrolls to your exact specifications. Or, if you like, buy single rolls or sheets and do it yourself!

Stands: Combo stands are available to facilitate easy mounting and positioning of your xenon fixture.

Rent one for yourself and you'll understand immediately why Hollywood prefers Arc Light Efx.

Close up of a 2kw nexus II

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